"Packed with 10 brand-new tracks from vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Mia Wilson and multi-instrumentalist quincy ledbetter, the new record is a beautifully eerie example of what music can sound like when it has no limitations." - Diffuser

"If the Bright Smoke Can bring more of this sort of music into the world, there is little doubt that they can conquer the world of emotional, cinematic rock."  - baeble music

"'Terrible Towns,' the second LP from NYC dark side duo, The Bright Smoke, promises a furtherance away from the conventional pop sounds, and an instillation of despondent intrigue that creates, like the band's name, a positive vibe with a twang of the gloomy." - The Deli

"Mia’s voice guides like a lantern through the pomp and circumstances of scenes and schemes, while Quincy’s arrangement slowly chips the earth away to float Manhattan out into a scuzzy sea of guitars that bathed in feedback, and slight electronic applications." - Impose Magazine

"For New York City’s The Bright Smoke, the brooding, indie-rock band composed of Mia Wilson and Quincy Ledbetter, they’ve set their sights on creating music that challenges not just the listener but themselves; music that is profound and rivets the deepest emotions in us...For nearly six years, the duo have produced some of the most mesmerizing and honest, brooding indie music in the industry." - The Revue

"Following in the footsteps of Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, (she) has developed that rare skill in which her brooding, slow-cooked shoegazer blues is just barely containing an energy, an emotional force that burns bright just under the surface." - Antiquiet

"There's still so much music out there waiting to be discovered, but we're making your hunt a little easier by introducing you to this amazing new artist, The Bright Smoke." - Filter Magazine

"(Wilson's) deep and somber voice on The Bright Smoke's new album, Virginia Et Al. will leave you swaying, eyes closed and wanting more."- Curve magazine

"There's a sense of a storm just averted, an old hurt pushed to the back of the mind before it's allowed to open old wounds. This is blues with subtlety." - Rock Industry Magazine

Almost Famous: The Bright Smoke - Autostraddle

"Her songwriting on the Bright Smoke’s new album Virginia Et. Al. is more blues-infused, in the same vein as a young PJ Harvey but more atmospheric." - New York Music Daily

"We could mention names like Leonard Cohen, Portishead or even Sigur Ros. Put those three in a room together and you may end up with something resembling 'Wild Again'." - The Sound of Confusion

"With the release of their debut effort, Late for War, the Brooklyn-based duo of Mia Wilson and Quincy Ledbetter, better known as the Bright Smoke, developed a reputation for a crafting music with a moody sensibility and rock sentiment with a bluesy undertone..." - The Joy of Violent Movement

"This is without doubt some of the coolest new music that I have listened to in the last few years. The Bright Smoke is a Band you will be hearing a lot about" - 50third and Third